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Wheelchair Backpack Bag

  • Good Practicability - We usually need to carry many daily necessitieses,pecially for person who are wheelchair-bound.Instead of dropping the stuff in the wheelchair,you can safely put them in wheelchair bag.Wheelchair backpack can be connected to almost all standard wheelchairs,bariatric wheelchairs walkers and transport chairs.Whether for you are wheelchair-bound or caregivers,hands can easily and freely grasp things in the wheelchair bag.
  • Large Storage Space - The maximum size of our rollator bag when it is loaded with items can reach 18 x 16 x 8 Inches.You need to carry a lot of things with you for daily life or travel.The space of wheelchair back bag is spacious enough to meet your storage needs.The huge internal storage bag provides security for items you don't want to lose,such as wallet,laptop,book,blanket,necessary medical supplies or changing clothes.
  • Adjustable Straps - You can easily install or remove the wheelchair carry bag with the solid adjustable straps.An easy-to-use buckle system that secures the seat belt to any wheelchair or transport chair.Disconnecting the buckle makes it easy to separate the wheelchair bag, even if you are in a wheelchair and can do it yourself.When you are alone,don't worry that no one will help you.
  • Durable & Reflective Stripe - Our wheelchair back bag is constructed with durable,high load-bearing and lightweight nylon material.When not using the wheelchair bag,you can fold it up and put in the wheelchair without taking up space.The wheelchair bag is suitable for machine washing and it can dry quickly.In addition,there is a reflective stripe on the bag,which can improve visibility at night or in dark places to ensure safety.
  • Wide Application - The wheelchair back bag is suitable for people who is physically handicapped and need to use a wheelchair,or need to use a walker during rehabilitation training.If you are their family member or caregiver,the wheelchair backpack bag will also be a good helper in daily care.We can use the wheelchair bags at home,for outdoor playing,in nursing homes and hospitals.