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About Us

At SWISSELITE, we’re not just a business, we’re humans.

SWISSELITE have 4 Sub-brands. Berya is a brand about the embroidery; ZELAR MAN is a brand about the tools; Aurya is a brand about the clothing accessories; VISEMAN is a brand about the vinyl and weeding tools.

We’re people just like you who get up every morning and go to the job that will define our lives. Much like the artists, workers, and dreamers we work with, we don’t want to simply punch the clock. We want to inspire – and we want to be inspired.

The purpose of SWISSELITE is to make personal accessories that each customer can use with pride. Our principles include respect for all employees, shareholders and customers alike. Our products are functional, a delight to use and offer tremendous value. Our world-class products were born from this narrow focus along with constant improvement, creative thinking and a meticulous strive for perfection.

At the same time, we demand our business activities and those of our suppliers are eco-friendly and so respect the environment.

We invite you to join our community and become a part of this evolving group here at SWISSELITE