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SWISSELITE Large Hourglass Sand Timer, 30 Minutes Sand Timer

  • Timekeeping Device - An ancient and classic time measurement tool for various activities. Allowing you to effortlessly track time with precision.
  • Reliable Material - Crafted from premium glass material, it offers both durability and clarity. Our hourglass also features steel sand grains meticulously selected for consistent timing.
  • Rational Design - With a 30-minute timing design, this hourglass caters to various time management needs. And empowers you to stay on track with your schedule.
  • Versatility Hourglass - Our hourglass is sleek and functional, makes it a valuable addition to any setting. Whether enhancing productivity in the office or facilitating relaxation during meditation, it supports multiple scenarios.
  • Package - Each purchase of our hourglass includes a complimentary felt pad, adding an extra layer of protection and aesthetic appeal. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for loved ones, this hourglass promises both utility and style.