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SWISSELITE Cute Decorative Weighted Door Stopper for Home and Office

Puppy Brown
Alpaca Pink
Schnauzer Black
Squirrel Yellow
  • The animal door stoppers can hold the door open,a jar or closed,Unique and Fun Decorative door stopper,each anmial is well designed carefully by our Spain designer,compares to a metal or wood door stop,it brings your home office looks warmer,smarter and full of love.
  • The decorative door stoppers are Weighted and Multi-functional.Each item reach a weight of 2.6 lbs (1.2 kgs) can be a greater door stopper (Hurricane can not work)it also can used for book shelf,after on painting,or some place need fun and weigted.
  • We design 10 kinds of anmials,each of one is cute and nice made,they are Cat, Ppug,Puppy,Pink alpaca,Schnauzer,Purple Rabbit with white or red neck gaite,Owl,Squirrel and a Duck.
  • THIS IS NOT A TOY,the animal decorative doorstoppers is very cute,but it is only for use or decorative purposes,not a children or pet toy,and it can not machine wash.Door stopper is made by polyster and few place cotton,the weights is worked by nature stones.
  • Useful Decor Gifts for new and already homeowners,life lover.We makes a wide array of products for every home,art and garden,when you need a housewarming present,here will be something for everyone.