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Piercing Pillow

Airy Blue
Nylon-cotton Beige
Nylon-cotton Coffee
  • Provide A Good Sleep - Ear pillow with a hole in the middle for ear disease, inflammation, ear piercing, wearing headphones and other side sleeper to use. Helps reduce ear pain and pressure to provide a better sleep. You’ll sleep more soundly and wake feeling refreshed and pressure-free. A more relaxed posture during the night can definitely help improve your sleep quality and let you feel better the next day. Perfect for side sleeper to have a more restful sleep.
  • Relieves Pressure on the Ears - O-shaped pillow for people with ear disease and side sleeper. The design with holes to protect your ears. Keeps the ear free from pressure and rubbing when lying on its side and is used to aid recovery after an ear piercing. Pain relief for those who have ear infections or general ear pain, or for those who just have ear piercings. The donut pillows are a simple and natural way that gives you much relief from ear pain and ache.
  • Comfortable and Soft Fabric - We provide 4 colors for your choice. The 4 colors are divided into two kinds of materials. Colors of Blue and Black are made of super soft cloth material, they are light and skin-friendly; Beige and Coffee are nylon cotton material, breathable, supportive and wear-resistant. All filled with 7D cotton and our pillows are machine washable. These soft pillows with comfortable fabric provide a restful and comfortable night's sleep.
  • Portable Size Pillow Dimensions - The diameter is about 10", the hole is a 4.3" circle, the thickness is 3.2" to ensure the hole is perfect for you to put your ear in while you sleep. Our pillow is easy to carry, you can bring the comfortable pillow anywhere you go. Whether you are traveling on an airplane, a road trip or in a car, working in a studio, camping or on a train, the ear piercing pillow makes you sleep comfortably, you can use it anywhere you want to sleep.
  • Suitable for wide range of functions - Choose the ear piercing pillow for yourself or as an unique present for a travel enthusiast friend or loved one. It is also a perfect gift for family or friends facing ear pain, ear inflammation, provide extra comfort and support. And for those who prefer to sleep with earplugs, earphones, and trouble some piercings.