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Mastectomy Pillow

Airy Blue
Nylon-cotton Beige
Nylon-cotton Coffee
  • THOUGHTFULLY DESIGNED RECOVERY PILLOW -  3 pockets for drain pouches or icepacks for hot or cold therapy, one front pocket is for your smartphones. Our port pillow comes with shoulder strap with an easy-to-adjust buckle that secures the pillow in place and prevents it from slipping down or twisting. Our chest heart pillow have invisible zippers at the bottom, you can increase or decrease the amount of filling according to your needs
  • PREMIUM SOFT PILLOW - Unlike other post surgery pillows, our breast cancer pillow made from soft plush or nylon-cotton materials. Both are lightweight yet breathable. We recommend to wash the breast surgery pillow by hand. This will make your pillows last longer and feel cleaner
  • AFTER SURGERY RECOVERY PILLOW - Our post op comfort pillow is a fluffy warm cushion that prevents your chest from being crushed by affectionate pets or children trying to sit on your lap. Perfect for the ride home from the hospital, to protect sensitive areas from the seatbelt. The flexible design of the three-sectioned chest pillow conforms to your body shape so you can easily find a comfortable position whether you're sitting up or reclining
  • POST-SURGERY COMFORT COMPANION - When a patient undergoes a mastectomy (partial or bilateral), a lumpectomy, or even reconstruction, the healing process can come with its own set of challenges. You’re probably searching for items that will help bring comfort and a speedy recovery. Luckily, one of these items that many women swear by is a mastectomy pillow. Very soft with underarm support. Great for the entire healing process
  • SUPPORTS FASTER RECOVERY - A chest protector pillow is a small thing that can go a long way in terms of comfort as you heal from a mastectomy. We suggest purchasing this pillow before your surgery and take it to the hospital with you. Most buyers use this pillow for at least a full month or two after surgery! Even if your friend or family member already has one of these items, it doesn’t hurt to have another