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Hand and Finger Contracture Cushion

Airy Blue
Nylon-cotton Beige
Nylon-cotton Coffee
  • The hand grab pads are available in two shell materials. One is super soft cloth, which is soft and light, comfortable and skin-friendly. It would be great to use in cooler weather. Another is nylon cotton, which is sweat-absorbent and wear-resistant, and is more suitable for use in hot weather. Our palm grip is filled with 3D sponge for great resilience.
  • There are 2 styles of our palm grip pads. One of them is secured with elastic straps. Which comes in 2 sizes: regular and large. For larger hands, it is recommended to choose a large size. The other style has fingers separated. It is designed to prevent the fingers from sticking and festering. It will not slip off the hand easily, and suitable for various hand shapes.
  • We recommend to wash the finger contracture cushion by hand. This will make your pads last longer and feel cleaner. Machine washable, too.
  • The palm grip is designed to provide stimulation to the hand and prevent contractures by exercising the muscles and ligaments of the hand.
  • This finger anti-contracture pad is great for light exercise of the hand. Ideal for the elderly who are inactive, stroke or hemiplegia patients, or patients in the early stages of hand rehabilitation.