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BERYA Heat Press Mat

  • 5 Layers Technology Mat-It has Teflon heat-resistant cover,flame retardant felt,foil membrane,silicone foam inner and protective bottom barrier seals total 5 layers together to make sure a good quality for lasting use.
  • Heat-resistant-The top layer is made of Teflon,heat-resistant and providing thermal conductivity and even heat distribution.The back layer uses protective bottom barrier seal to protect the surface underneath from heat.
  • Best Protection-The inside 3 layers make for even temperatures over the surface consistently.The flame retardant felt wicks moisture to deliver clean, dry heat.The foil membrane reflects heat and prevents moisture vapor transfer, while the silicone foam provides insulation and shields your surface from damaging heat.
  • Provide A Smooth Surface- A large area that's just firm enough to provide a smooth surface and even contact patch for the press. No more using towels or fading your kitchen table.
  • More Choice-The Mat has 5 different sizes(8*10,12*12,14*14,14*17.5,15 inch) in 3 colors on sale.Please choose the right one depending on the size of the project.It is a perfect Must Have accessory for all kinds of heat press ,sewing and other ironing project.