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Backflow Preventer Insulation Cover,Outdoor Insulation Cover for Winter Freeze Protection

  • Widely Used: The extreme winter can be tough on your home. Frozen valve, pipe or sprinkler can be a real inconvenience and can lead to damage and pricey repairs. The backflow preventer covers keep your valves and pipes from breaking or freezing in winter. It is designed to prevent the frost from penetrating your outdoor tap which can cause major damage. Saving you expensive maintenance and replacement costs!
  • Outdoor Valve Protection: The protection cover is very useful to protect valves against the cold weather. It prevents the valve from freezing and protects your outdoor valve from damage caused by direct sunlight, wind and rain, heavy snow, and frost, ensuring the valve's service life is extended. They can also keep the water from getting too cold to a certain extent. Protect your valves from rust, corrosion, frost, freeze, sun heat and so much more.
  • Durable Material: The outer layer is made of 420D coated with silver, which is waterproof and sun-proof, durable, and anti-freeze, protecting against wet and cold in winter. The middle layer is made of Sorona fiber, with soft, flexible, and stain resistant properties. The insulation cotton isolates the outside temperature effectively and allows the pipe to withstand cold and extremely wet weather and other adverse conditions.
  • Safe and Convenient: Secure with the Velcro strap, just wrap around the backflow preventer and close it with the Velcro fastening strap at the bottom. Easy to tie on your valve or pipe, convenient to use. Prevent the valve protective sleeve from falling off easily. The cover also features grommets, which can be easy locked by chain to prevent being taken away by theft.
  • Easy to Use: The lightweight fabric makes it easy to put on, take off and store. Just put the protection cover on the sprinkler system, backflow preventer, or outdoor valve. Freeze protection for valves is very appropriate in winter and can be repeated in the next winter. Please carefully measure the size before you place the order to avoid the size problem. Start taking action to make your home more comfortable all year long!