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Wheelchair Oxygen Tank Holder with Buckles

  • Widely Applicable - Wheelchair oxygen cylinder bag can help you solve this problem.It can be adapted not only to long oxygen cylinders,but also to short oxygen cylinders,because oxygen cylinder bag has two pockets,one long and one short,to hold various sizes of oxygen tanks.Meanwhile,it is also suitable for most wheelchairs,rollators and walkers.
  • Mesh Pockets & Reflective Stripes - Our portable oxygen tank bag is designed with 3 mesh pockets and 2 reflective stripes.You can put the water cup,mask,medicine,towel,paper towel and other things you need to carry daily into these three net pockets.There is also a button next to the pocket from which keys and other items can be hung.Reflective strips reflect light at night,allowing drivers to notice to keep you safe in the dark.
  • Adjustable Straps - You can easily install the oxygen tank holder by attaching the straps to the handles and bottom of the wheelchair.Oxygen tank holder has four burly straps with latches.The straps can not only ensure high load-bearing,but also adjust the position of the oxygen tank bag by adjusting the length of the belt to ensure that it will not interfere with the back and head of people in wheelchairs. It also makes certain that your oxygen tank is safe and reliable when you move wheelchair.
  • Safety and Durable Materials - Oxygen cylinder holder is made of sturdy polyester and PVC materials. The advantage of this composite material is that it is durable and non-flammable to guarantee maximum safety for using.You can easy to carry and fold into a small package to store.Oxygen tank holder is waterproof.Stains can be wiped off or rinsed with water.You can reuse it year after year.
  • Suitable Scene - Dimension:26.4inch X 10.6inch.Our wheelchairs oxygen cylinder bag comes in handy for people in wheelchairs who need oxygen tanks for breathing to support.Wheelchair oxygen tank bag can be used for outdoor travel,in hospitals and nursing homes,or in everyday household use.It frees hands and allows people in wheelchairs and caregivers to enjoy life more.