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Heel Protector Cushion

Airy Blue
Nylon-Cotton Beige
Nylon-Cotton Coffee
  • The heel protector cushion provides protection by supporting your foot, avoid pressure from sides and bottom with a three-sided wrap. Allows your injured foot to relax and recover.
  • Adjustable velcro makes the heal pillow fit any foot size. Your feet can be easily put on and taken off no matter how fat or thin your feet are. Whether you lie down to sleep or sit and read a book, your feet are firmly supported and protected.
  • Our foot pillow is available in two materials. One is super soft cloth, which is lightweight and comfortable, perfect for cold seasons. The other is nylon cotton fabric, which is sweat-absorbent and wear-resistant, it would be great to use in hot seasons.
  • The heel cushion is suitable for bedridden patients after ankle or foot surgery, and bedsores, plantar fasciitis, heel pressure from ulcers and pressure sores.
  • Our heel protector cushion is sold by single one item. It's also a good idea as a gift for your loved ones or friends. Machine washable.