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Transfer Nursing Sling

  • Safely Assist - Transfer nursing sling can provide stable body support for patient movement.Therefore, nursing sling ensures the safety of patients while helping them get up,lift their legs and turn over.Meanwhile,it is labor-saving for caregivers to use our bed transfer belt.For example,you can easily lift a person who is lying change to a sitting position.Nursing sling can greatly reduce the risk of injury to caregivers.
  • Humanized Design - Each sides of the transfer sling has two nylon handle bands.The interface of the bands is reinforced and stitched to make the handle more firm.At the same time,our transfer belt sling has added PU leather anti-cutting handle which reduce the pain of hand uses.Nursing sling is filled with soft cotton to enhance the seismic performance and reduces patients' pain to make them have more comfortable use experience.
  • Durable Material - Bed transfer nursing belt constructed with double-layer 300D encryption material,makes the transfer sling breathable and antiskid.It's also easy to clean,you can wipe to transfer sling with a damp cloth,or you can machine to wash it.The durable materials of assist gait belt can bear at least 300 pounds and you can use it many times year after year.
  • Widened Strap & Portable - Product Size:Length 31inches x Width 9inches.The 9-inch broadband design increases the contact area,providing a more comfortable transfer experience for patients.This transfer nursing sling is small in size,light in weight and you can fold up to easy to carry.Meanwhile,there are no tedious steps to use,more convenient for users to use.
  • Widespread Use - Our patient lift aid straps are suitable for all kinds of people with mobility difficulties,such as the disabled,the elderly,obese patients.The transfer belt can not only help the bedridden patient turn over and leg raise,but also help them move between bed,wheelchair,toilet and bathtub.It is a good helper for patients' families and caregivers to use in home,hospital,car and medical care!