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Under Door and Window Draft Blocker

Light Blue
Waxy Black
Wooden Beige
Wooden Dark Gray
Wooden Khaki

  • Sturdy & Waterproof - The door draft stopper is made of leather fabric,durable,waterproof and long-lasting.Equipped white foam rod, the door draft stopper cover can perfectly wrapped it,the door draft blocker can be as new as it uesed to be only if you wiped it gently by wet cloth.It has good water resistance and can be used even in rain or snow.
  • Adjustable Length - The door draft blocker can be suitable for most of families for its adjustable design. You can cut the length according to the size of the door or window.Special heat technology is great for cutting and can not loose the edge.Together with long enough velcro for cutting easily,the under door draft can be suitable for most of doors and windows.
  • Available for all seasons - In Winter,the one side under door draft blocker can prevent cold air entering into your room.In Spring and Autumn,it can prevent dust,bad smell and noise blocker improve quality sleep.In Summer,the door draft stopper can not only prevent bad smell in,but also prevent cold air out,which can help save money and energy.
  • Easy Installation - Only three steps.First,measure the size of the door and subtract velcro,under door draft stopper cover,and foam stick according to the length.Next,fix the velcro to the door(nails or not).Last,fix the under door blocker on the velcro.The door draft stopper will not fall off as the door moves because of the good adhesive of the velcro.
  • Wide Application - You can use the under door draft blocker for your room,office,hotel,and other leisure places.Adjustable design is suitable for front door,back door, garage door,and window.A great gift for your friends or family members.