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2 Pack Embroidery Kit Including Embroidery Hoop

color 1 white
color 2 white
color 3 white
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color 5 white
  • Composition -  Full range of embroidery starter kit includes 3 cotton cloth with per-design pattern, 3 bamboo embroidery hoop, 3 instructions, 3 scissor, colored threads and embroidery needles in a set. 
  • Beautiful Pattern - There is a beautiful pattern on the embroidery cloth designed by ourselves and the pattern can be washed off after you finish it. You will be proud of your art work as soon as you embroider a beautiful pattern.
  • Instruction -  With instructions of drawings and embroidery stitch, it is easier for you to finish the embroidery. 
  • Hoop - The bamboo embroidery hoop has a screw that you can adjust the tightness you want when necessary. It also can be used as a frame to place the finished embroidery to decorate your room.
  • Gift -  A fashion and beautiful gift for your family or friend. Embroidery works completing by yourself will be a special and meaningful present for the long time spent on it and its particularity.