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Art Mesh Vinyl Storage Bag

  • MATERIAL - Main body of the art storage bag is made of mesh PVC, heavy-duty and water resistant; The edge of the storage bag is made of nylon,strong and long-lasting; The handle of the art vinyl bag is made of leather, comfortable and high-quality.
  • FEATURES - Transparent plastic PVC body allows you to clearly see contents in the bag and find what your want easily. Zipper closure can prevent your material falling out.Unique leather handle design makes your hand comfortable.
  • MEASUREMENT - 25×19inches; The art storage bag has large capacity to store various things.
  • IDEAL FOR - Large Posters, Poster Board, Painting, Bulletin Board Supplies, Charts, Art Works, and any other teaching meterials.
  • ADVANTAGES - The art mesh vinyl storage bag with handle and zipper can be strong enough for carrying and moving. The storage bag can protect your items from destruction of rain and dust. You don't need to worry about wrinkles ruining your works.The art storage bag won't occupy your space since it can be folded up when you don't need it.